PrettyPandas is an extension to the Pandas DataFrame class that helps you create report qualitiy tables with a simple API.

    .as_currency('GBP', subset='A')


  • Add summary rows and columns.
  • Number formatting for currency, scientific units, and percentages.
  • Chaining commands.
  • Works seamlessly with Pandas Style API.


Version 0.0.4 removes the apply_pretty_globals function and other custom CSS properties because Pandas and Jupyter now defaults to providing great looking html tables. If you still want custom CSS you can use the Pandas Style API.


You can install PrettyPandas using pip with support for Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5:

pip install prettypandas

You can also install from source:

git clone
cd PrettyPandas
python install


The project is available on GitHub and anyone is welcome to contribute. You can use the issue tracker to report issues, bugs, or suggest improvements.

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